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Prize Raffle

PARTYRoll up roll up ladies and gentle folk of the machine.

Take a look at the marvelous creatures and wares from around the world and beyond.

We have Spring Striders and Lucky Rabbits, Gulp frogs and Magical Enchants for you weapons, and more arriving daily. I will publish a full list in due course.

Make an impression, be epic.

How do I get one of these wondrous things I hear you ask? Easy buy a raffle ticket. Only 500g will put you in with a chance to win one of these marvels. Sending gold to Chiccaa will get you an in game mail with your raffle ticket number on. All funds go to the guild to help fund repairs and other awesome guild perks.

When will the draw take place? Saturday 31st May at 4pm Game time.  If you cannot be there do not worry, if you have a winning ticket, you will get the prize in the mail.

Prizes Include:

Swift spring striders.
Gulp Froglet
Direhorn runt
Spring Rabbits
Weapon enchant of choice
Cloth, Belt or waste of choice 553 ilvl.
Royal Sachel