June Guild Member of the Month!

june2017gmotmWelcome back to the June edition of Guild Member of the Month!

A little back story on this member! Back in 2010 during Northernfist’s and my first year on the Perenolde server, we both were members of a little guild called “Insane But Medicated”. During that time we forged new friendships with several members and later transitioned from that guild into the Abuse Machine/Integrity guild that you are a part of today.

When we were gaining strength with new members / recruits into AM, a lot of the IBM members jumped onboard and we were very grateful to have them as they were Perenolde rooted players who have taught us a lot about the server in the days since, and slowly but surely it was mostly like a guild merger, but there were still a few hold outs remaining in IBM. Then finally one day we collected a few more of the members and one of them was Bannshe, of which whom I was personally very excited to see come over to the team. She was an IBM’er who was much beloved in her guild and it must’ve taken a bit to finally come over to us. That basically gave me the sense as a GM that we were doing all the right things by getting such beloved stalwarts and people who also were very loyal to their friends and team mates. Loyalty is a trait that I adore and along with all of the exceptional and wonderful folks from IBM that came to us, Bannshe was amongst one of the finer moments and her joining us meant a lot to everyone here.

So this month’s GMotM award goes to¬†Bannshe, who is now a cornerstone member of our guild and community and we couldn’t be happier. Congrats Bann, we love ya kiddo!

Til next month! Cheers all!