Integrity Raid Loot Rules 2017

Main Spec and Off Spec Declarations

For reasons that will be addressed later, we ask that all Raiders declare 1 Mainspec and 1 Offspec (to be known as Declared Offspec), for the purpose of looting during Progression Raiding. For example; If you are a Druid you
can say that your mainspec is “Tanking” and your Offspec is “Ranged”. Thus your remaining specs will not be considered as Offspecs during the Progression raid loot programme. We will set up an area on the Guild Website Forums under the “Raiding Forums” section so that you may declare this.  All raiders will be charged with doing this so we can keep track of the fair distribution of loot and close loopholes.

How Loot Will Be Distributed

System One

Progression Raid Loot Rules:

The system to be used for Progression Raiding will be the SUICIDE KINGS system. Northernfist has mandated that the current list / order of loot recipients will be carried over from the previous tier of raiding so that no one loses their place in the system and that all newcomers will be moved to the bottom of the list.

This is how Suicide Kings loot system works:

A) Players are put in an ordered list, usually based on a random roll. Multiple lists may be used such as in the case for both “Main Spec” and “Off Spec” loot tables. There will be no “tertiary” tables.

B) When a new player is added to the list, they are placed at the bottom of the list.

C) When loot is dropped, the person who wants it and is nearest the top of the list wins the loot and goes to the bottom of the list. To “win” the loot, you must whisper (pst) the Loot Master (Northernfist usually) the word “bid” (not /bid).

D) Once the winner is moved to the bottom of the list, everyone else moves up one place in the list.

E) Players who are absent from raid on any given night, do not move up or down in the lists.

F) If no one wants the item, it will be moved afterwards to the “offspec” loot list, to be bid upon after all main spec loot is sorted. Offspec loot distribution system is the same as Mainspec system.


Additional Caveats to Suicide Kings:

1. If no one takes the item for either Mainspec or Offspec (your declared Offspec), it will be disenchanted into mats to be used for Raid Team enchants fund and ALL disenchanted materials will then be placed into the RAIDER TAB of the guild bank. We no longer will allow anyone to hold onto these materials for any reason. This is because if said disenchanter is not online on a night where people need enchants, then the items will be unavailable to use and as Guild Master I do not want this to happen.

2. You are not allowed, under any circumstances to roll “Offspec” for a piece of loot and then equip it on your “Mainspec”. Offspec rolls are not to be used to “save your spot” on the Mainspec list and if we find you are guilty of this practice, we will deny you loot in raid for 3 consecutive raid nights. We see it happen twice? You will be removed from the guild.

3. Trash Mob Loot. When a drop is acquired by a random team member and the item is “Bind On Equip” the distribution method is thus:

A) If the person who picks it up, can use it as a Mainspec and wishes to keep it, they may do so, but will be moved to the bottom of the Mainspec SK list.
B) If the person who picks it up, does not want the item, anyone on the team who does want it for Mainspec (only), will be asked to do a /roll in raid chat for it. The winner will be moved to the bottom of the SK list.
C) If the item is not desired by any one for Mainspec, the person who picked it up can then choose to keep it for Offspec and thus be moved down to the bottom of the SK Offspec list.
D) If the person who picks it up, does not want it for Offspec, anyone on the team who does want it for Offspec (your declared offspec) may bid on it, but will be then moved upon winning it, to the bottom of the OS list.
E) If no one wants the item on the team, the item will be given to the Raid Leader who will place it in the Guild Raider tab to be used for any future raiders who may need the gear to boost themselves BUT they must donate
the sum of 1/2 the lowest AH price for said item.

4. It is frowned up to make secret deals for loot, give away loot without following procedure or sell loot for gold during Progression. Offenders will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We track everything and as such are able to enforce the fair distribution of loot that is acquired during Progression raids. All loot drops of any kind that are not personal loot, in Progression raiding essentially is not “yours” but belongs to the guild and as such must be distributed within the raid team, to strengthen the raid team and further our progression as a whole.

5. Tertiary specs (ie. I play an Arms Warrior, my Offspec is Fury, so my tertiary is Protection), will not be afforded loot from Progression Raiding at this time due to factors such as; the length of time it actually takes to distribute loot is long enough and we can’t waste time on it, also we are not here to gear all of your specs especially ones that are not needed on the raid team. Please DO NOT roll for Offspec loot for NON DECLARED OFFSPECS during progression raiding. Northernfist however, can be petitioned under special circumstances if the need should arise to give loot to a tertiary spec if it benefits progression. Basically folks, don’t be loot whores and deny someone else something they actually need.

6. Transmog. We don’t care about transmogs in Progression raiding. Do not roll for loot claiming Offspec or some such nonsense when you know you just want it for transmog. That’s just silly.


System Two:

Non-Progression (Casual) Raid Rules:

This system will be utilized for raids that have been completed in their current modes (Normal & Heroic).

1. We will be using the Personal Loot system as set up by Blizzard for Warcraft raids. This means whatever drops for you from a BOSS, is what you get and there is no SK loot distribution system used.

2. If you get a drop from a boss that is tradeable, you may then offer it up for a raid-wide /roll for Mainspec. Highest roll wins the loot straight up. We will then ask if you’ve won loot from a /roll to please not become
a loot whore and roll on every piece available, in order to give others in your loot “family” a chance to get some drops as well and spread the wealth a bit. If no one wants any further loot drops that you need even though
you’ve gotten something already, then it’s acceptable to roll for those drops.

3. If someone gets a boss drop, doesn’t want it, and no one else wants it for Main Spec, you can then offer it up for Offspec and this can include Tertiary Offspecs (Non Declared Offspecs) as well, as at this point we don’t
really give a toss who gets what. People can roll on it, win it, it’s done. Move on.

4. If someone gets a drop from a boss and DOES NOT offer it out to the guild, DO NOT ASK FOR IT. We do not want people begging for loot and pressuring others to give up their drops during Non-Progression raiding as it just
is impolite and we want to avoid conflict.

5. We still don’t care about Transmog loot in this system. We have burlap sacks for anyone who only raids for transmogs. (Seriously though, we just can’t be concerned about Tmogs. Leadership has enough on it’s plate).


Additional Caveats to Personal Loot:

Trash Mob Loot:

If someone gets a Bind on Equip piece of loot from a Trash Mob in Non-Progression (Casual) Raiding, we are going to simply say that you can just keep that drop to do with as you please, basically as a special bonus to enjoy.

However if you want to give it out to the guild, please do it in the form of a Main Spec first / Off Spec (Tertiary included) second /roll to keep others from getting disgruntled. However folks, if someone does get a BoE
and doesn’t wish to share it, then that’s their business and we do not want you to ask for it. It’s theirs in this case and they can do as they please. Deal with it.


Legacy Raids Done as a Guild

If we are running low level (ex. pre Legion) content as a fun thing and people get drops they don’t want and can trade, let’s just do a /roll for this stuff and not worry about it past that, as these are for transmogs most likely.


* of note regarding loot:

We in the guild realise that not getting loot that you want is an unpleasant experience and we all hate it. But it happens. Please understand when you get yourself into raiding that we are here as a guild and as such are
not here to specifically farm gear just for you and that disappointment is a part of the raider’s life. Please try to be adult about life’s little annoyances such as loot and just remember that we will run these raids often
and that you will hopefully, eventually get the gear you want. The real joy of raiding in many ways, is the defeating of the puzzles the bosses present and the fact that we get to interact with each other as friends and
team mates. Everything else is icing on the cake. Northernfist is aware that there also, will be loopholes in the loot rules / raid rules / life itself and we will work to correct these when we can and hope you can
communicate with us on all aspects of raiding, to help fix issues where we can and make the experience a more pleasant one. So keep us informed and keep your heads up, the loot will follow. We reserve the right
to update, amend and remove Raid Rules without warning should the need arise.