Krodys guide to Highmaul

kRGARTH BLdefist Going to break down my experiences in Highmaul for the benefit of the guild. This guide will be updated often.

Kargath Bladefist

Krodys’ Difficulty Rating: TreantTreant

Recommended Video: Fatboss

Overall Strategy:
Tank him in the center of the arena. Stay at least 4 yards apart from everyone. Tanks will switch off at 2-3 stacks of impale due to the Open Wounds debuff. There are 4 pits in the arena, stay out of them as they have very evil tigers. Blade Dance is unavoidable damage where a shadowy form of Kargath will dart at various players and do some damage.

Throughout the fight, a Fire Pillar will rise up in one of four locations and remain there, players must not stand in the aoe zone of the pillar. When Kargath uses his Beserker Rush ability, he will target a random player and move towards them. He must be kited into one of the Fire Pillars to end this. While he is channeling Beserker Rush, he does an immense amount of damage in a frontal cone so no one should be directly in front of him. Whoever he is fixated on should quickly position themselves on the back side of an active Fire Pillar so Kargath moves into it and stops his Beserker Rush..

Chain Hurl is an ability where Kargath grabs the closest 5 players to him, swings them around on a chain and tosses them into the arena stands. This group should be a predetermined group of 1 tank(preferably the tank with Open Wounds stacks), 1 healer, and 3 dps. When Kargath is about to cast Chain Hurl, everyone but the assigned group should back away towards the outer edge of the arena to ensure the correct players are sent up to the stands. Once the group is up, they will have a short amount of time to quickly kill as many adds in the stands as possible to reduce the amount of raid damage going out. Drunken Bileslingers need to be killed first, and the tank needs to face them away from the group as they have a strong frontal cone attack.egg1

Quick Summary: 
tigerrawrTank swaps at 2-3 stacks of Impale, Healers and DPS need to be aware of Fire Pillar locations and be ready to QUICKLY kite Kargath into one. If you are not in the designated group to go into the arena stands, stay out of the middle when Chain Hurl is coming. Kill everything in the stands quickly. Pits of Doom are not pleasant.

The Butcher

Krodys’ Difficulty Rating: TreantTreantTreantTreant

Recommended Video:Fatboss

butcherOverall Strategy:
2 tank fight, both tanks stack and face him away from raid. This fight requires splitting up the melee dps into 2 equal groups that will stack on each foot of the boss, with at least 3 in each group, more if the flex group gets larger. The groups need to be equal and healers or ranged dps can be used to even out group numbers. Each group needs 1 ranged dps, preferably a hunter for each side, to trigger which group will receive the cleave attack. Group 1 will have their hunter stack with them and the group will take 3-4 stacks of the cleave debuff, when the stacks hit 3 or 4(this depends on how the healers can cope with the damage) the hunter will disengage away from the group(or just run out of the group if it is a non hunter) and group 2′s hunter will enter their group. This rotation needs to be timed so that as soon as the debuff hits the right number of stacks, the hunter for both teams are moving in or out so that a group doesn’t take an extra stack of the debuff, 5 stacks are instakill.

When the boss reaches 100% energy, he will do a knockback then do a bounding cleave at that biggest clump of players that are not in melee, this needs to be on the group that has just had their stacks drop off. When knocked back, the group that is taking the bounding cleave will just stack up where they were knocked back, while the other group spreads out a bit. After the bounding cleave, both teams should get back in position and follow the normal strategy.

At 30% health the boss does a mini enrage and does everything faster and more painfully. Stick to the plan and don’t tunnel the boss and you will do fine.

Krodys’ Note: My group did this with 25 people, so we found it more beneficial to use 3 groups that only took 3 stacks of the debuff at a time. We also had all of the ranged dps in each group move in and out as needed to get the cleave. 2 tanks stood at the front, 3 groups of 7 spread out around side and back of the boss, and 2 ranged dps not grouped at all due to odd numbers. This fight has room for adjustments in group setup as needed for your group, but the key will be getting the clump checks on the right group at the right time.


Krodys Difficulty Rating: TreantTreantTreant

Recommended Video: Fatboss Beta

BrackensporeOverall Strategy:
This fight is a lot of fun. 2 dps players in the group get to use flamethrowers the entire fight. These 2 players need to work around the outside of the room and use their extra action button to burn away creeping moss. This moss can never reach the boss or it will heal him, so always make sure there isn’t a bit of moss heading towards the boss. As soon as you burn away moss, hit the extra button again to shut off the flamethrower, this is important because as you use the flamethrower, you will also be tracking your heat on a meter, if it reaches 100% you can not use the flamethrower for 10 seconds as it cools down, and this should never happen.

Tanks will need to swap when the stacks of Rot become too much, and the large add will need to be picked up by whichever tank is not on the boss. Always face the boss away from the raid as he has a nasty frontal cone attack.

Always, always, ALWAYS, kill adds as soon as they come up. Every single dps should be switching off the boss when there are adds up. The large add gains a stacking buff the longer he is up, so killing him quickly is a must. Spore Shooters I will talk about in a moment. Mind Fungus need to be killed as soon as they spawn as they reduce casting speed. Melee dps will want to switch to these as well if they aren’t half the map away.

Spore Shooters shoot a projectile at a random person, and when it hits, will do a 50k aoe that has an 8 yard radius. If this hits the group that is stacked up, it is going to be pretty bad. The way to avoid this is to have ranged dps spread out around the group to intercept these projectiles as soon as the adds spawn.

livingshroom reguvshroomHealers will want to coordinate with each other and the entire group on which beneficial mushroom they are taking advantage of. Most of the time it will be the green one, as the blue one only comes up every minute or so, but when it does come up you will want to likely take advantage of it. The green mushroom needs to be kept alive at around 50-60% health until about 5 seconds before Infesting Spores is cast by the boss. At this time all healers will focus on the mushroom and heal it up, and keep it alive till Infesting Spores is over.

Movement is KEY! The beneficial mushrooms in this fight require the raid to move as a team. When there is a green mushroom up, everyone needs to be standing under it to get the beneficial effects. Tanks will usually stand to one side of the mushroom, boss directly under it, and the rest will be on the backside. The Green mushroom heals for a tremendous amount, and the Blue mushroom increase haste and resource regeneration.

Points of Fail:
Tanks need to watch out for the creeping moss, as it can sneak by sometimes. Don’t be afraid to move the boss if there is moss coming near him.

DPS need to make sure they consistently switch to adds and are staying with the group or intercepting the projectiles from the Spore Shooters.

Flamethrowers need to be sure they are not overheating, but are still keeping the moss in check for their half of the room.

Healers need to coordinate on when to heal the mushroom just a bit, when to heal it to full, and how long to keep it alive. The raid should not be taking much damage a lot of the time if done correctly, besides from projectiles and Infesting Spores. When the blue shroom is up, use raid cooldowns to get through Infesting Spores.


Krodys’ Difficulty Rating: TreantTreantTreantTreant

Recommended Video: Fatboss

tectusKrodys’ Tips and Tricks:
Now that raid videos are coming out, I don’t need to write up the entire strategy of a fight, so I will just cover what I feel like is going to cause issues for the raid team.

Crystalline Barrage Vs Earthen Pillar
This is the hardest part of the fight. Follow the strategy of range and healers staying grouped up. Whenever Crystalline Barrage is cast on someone, that person needs to VERY QUICKLY move to right of the group and keep moving till the debuff drops off. Do not move backwards first, to not hesitate, you need to move and move quickly. Have movement increases ready in case the debuff goes on you. Melee dps need to be careful of where they stand, as this mechanic starts right at the boss on both sides, one strategy is to have 1 healer in with the melee group and have that group stand at the very back of the boss. This mechanic will cause lots of problems if someone isn’t paying attention or moves the wrong way. Earthen Pillar is a big swirly circle that will spawn a damn mountain, and as you should be able to guess, you do not want to be standing there when that happens. Whenever Earthen Pillar starts, the entire ranged group should move to the left of it. Don’t split up, don’t be a hero, just go as a group and if something happens that you can’t make it over with the group, get back to them as quickly as possible.

As the fight goes on and there are more boss mobs up, there will be more of each of these abilities. You will typically start out with 1 of each at a time, then 2 of each at a time once Tectus has died once and split into 2. All hell will break loose when the first Shard of Tectus dies and spawns 4 motes because you will now have 5 copies of each ability going out, and they may or may not all sync up. The group has to stay on point and follow the strategy or else the room will be a cluster fuck and everyone will die horribly.

Kill The Damn Skull!
Target marking is very important in this fight. Everyone needs to learn to focus on the kill order and not AoE and hope for the best. Besides the melee that can cleave into the non kill target to keep the stacks of Accretion down, everyone should be on the same target. Kill order will be Tectus, Shard of Tectus 1, Mote of Tectus 1, MoT 2, MoT 3, MoT 4, Shard of Tectus 2, MoT 1, MoT 2, MoT 3, MoT 4. When the motes are up, it may seem like a good idea to just start doing AoE, but this is a bad idea. You want to single target them down because that will kill 1 quicker than killing all 4, and that reduces the amount of boss abilities that are going out.

Assign Cooldowns
Save Heroism for when the first Shard dies and the tank has picked up the 4 Motes.

Healers will need to rotate cooldowns to be sure there is always at least one up for each Tectonic Upheaval, as this ability does a lot of damage. Don’t have every healer blow their cooldowns on the first one and then watch everyone die on the second one.

Twin Ogron

Krodys’ Difficulty Rating: TreantTreantTreant

Recommended Video: here

What you need to know!

This fight depends heavily on the tanks moving bosses around at the right time, and the group getting into and staying out of the mechanics. Both Tanks will need to dodge fire during Quake. Pol Tank has quite the easy job, the only time you ever really need to move is if the giant circle at the end of Pulverize is where you are at (which happens more often than not), so be sure to move out of that, then quickly reposition back where you were. Phemos Tank needs to be sure this boss is moved to the side of the room before he casts Whirlwind, as this ability is huge and does a lot of damage. Tank does however have to stand in the Whirlwind and muscle through it. Get him back to the center as soon as he is done.

Everyone else needs to pay attention to the boss abilities being used at all times. Get out of the way for Pol’s Shield Charge, don’t be casting during Pol’s Interrupting Shout, stay 3 yards apart from everyone during Pulverize. Do not be near Phemos during Whirlwind, Everybody should stack up in the center for Enfeebling Roar, stay out of the fire during Quake. PolThat’s really all there is to the fight. Do not lose focus when some of these abilities begin to line up in difficult ways, doing the mechanics correctly is more important than your DPS.

The Worst One
Quake will take a few attempts to learn for some people. It can be difficult to figure out just how those lines of fire are going to move, because they start out going straight, but then turn and go on the diagonal. Speed increases are great here, as are blink abilities. Healers will likely need to use their cooldowns to get through quake as people learn to stay out of it. One of the easiest ways for ranged to avoid a lot of the fire is to stand behind the axe, where there will only be 2-3 fire walls to be dodged.



Krodys’ Difficulty Rating: TreantTreantTreantTreant

Recommended Video: Fatboss

KoraghAssignments and Knowing Where You Are
One of the keys to this fight is knowing who is going to get the null barrier. Know the order, know when it is your turn if you are selected, and always have a back up in case someone dies. Once you have a null barrier, keep an eye to the sky and make sure you can get to an orb before it hits the ground. Communication is key when there are multiple people with shields, because if two people soak the same one, then there is an extra one that wasn’t soaked and could have likely just wiped the group.

DPS and Healers need to be sure they are not standing near the Tank or behind the Tank when Arcane is about to go out, or you will be one shot, and it will be no one’s fault but your own. You also need to be aware of Suppression Fields. When Ko’ragh chooses a target, you have PLENTY of time to move out of the way as a group, you should not be hit by this. You also need to be quick on switching to the adds when it is called, because the Tank can’t waste much time holding the adds in the suppression field, but be sure not to kill an add unless it is inside the field.

This fight seems straightforward, but there is a lot that can go wrong. Don’t make the boss harder by not paying attention to where you should be or which target you should be on. If you are not designated to get a null shield, STAY OUT OF THE MIDDLE!


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